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I’ve just bought the Slayer Bandero. I have 6 now! These masks are fantastic.

Me and the boys were riding back from a bash down here in the southwest last weekend and it was so cold their moustaches were freezing solid. ”.

Jock Raeburn



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Bandero Biker Masks

Bandero biker masks combine style and comfort in an attention-grabbing range of designs for both men and women. You can buy a biker mask from our shop or from selected dealers worldwide.

Bandero biker masks are:

Manufactured from 100% perforated CR neoprene

Comfortable to wear, breathable, and hard wearing

Easy to maintain - simply wash in soapy water

The biker masks are made in a single-size, with a contoured shape for a snug and comfortable fit, and a velcro pad for easy application.

Bandero biker masks have been professionally designed, rigorously tested and are manufactured to the highest standards.

We don't cut corners when it comes to quality. Bandero is the best biker mask that money can buy - get one today from selected dealers or our online store.

Watch the latest Bandero videos!

Watch the latest Bandero videos online

Bandero Spec-savers

Keep your shades and glasses in place at all times with a stylish Bandero Spec-Savers chord

Stylish design matches our masks perfectly

Made from hard wearing neoprene

One-size fits all

Choice of three colours

Only 2.99 – buy online now

Bandero Spec-savers

Bandero Spec-savers

The Bandero long neck biker mask You now have a choice ....

We want pictures of you wearing your Bandero mask for our gallery

  The standard on the left - long neck on the right  

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mask. The long neck design allows the mask to be tucked into a bikers jacket for added warmth and protection.

See the designs and buy online!

If you own a Bandero biker mask then we want you to send us a picture for our website – we want to build a gallery page with pictures of our customers.

Bandero biker gallery